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She’s sitting there by herself because they just got into a classic mountain couples fight. This is probably the coolest person you will ever meet (trying to hide the bias).

It starts like this: She will probably be single in a few hours. Even if they aren’t available they will cheers to your future love life and to the hopes that you’ll master that board grab tomorrow.

Find a fellow snowboarder to board with and hit the slopes together. You love the physical and mental challenge that snowboarding brings and you get a natural high when you not only meet that challenge but conquer it.

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He might own the mountain or he has connections with the owner. Do what you want with that information but be prepared to become… She knows she’s hot and she takes pleasure in watching you stare as she expertly carves down whatever slope will make her hair swing back and forth in perfect rhythm. Her boyfriend spent money to outfit her with everything she needs to be a snowboarder (just like him). They wear a helmet because they are cautious and aware of the risks they choose to take.

He probably has hair plugs under the fur hat and gold rings under the battery operated, heated gloves he’s wearing. What he forgot is that she’s never done it before and 0 in gear won’t help her learn any faster. They wear clothing that makes a small fashion statement, but mostly does it’s job of keeping them warm while they spend the day shredding before heading to the local or slope bar for a craft brew.

‘Imagine if there were an app like Tinder, but just for snowboarders?

’ you’ll say after a few pints down the pub with friends.

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As someone who’s taught snowboard lessons since 2004, I know a single guy or girl on the mountain when I see one.