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Updating session variables

I got a problem with some session parameters that i'm sending to another mashup, the thing is , after I redirect from one mashup to another I have to refresh the page once more to get the updated parameters in the session. This question keeps repeating so many times that i thought this in itself deserves a seperate blog entry. Now, as you see the session variable has a value of Test.The Logging rule expression syntax is: Your session client cert Common Name is %.The Message Box rule expression syntax is: Your session client cert Common Name is %.If you are removing session variables, this field accepts a wildcard "*" character.# Set session variable <set-session-variable variable Name="My New Session Variable Name" value="My New Session Variable Value" doc:name="Session Variable"/> # Remove session variable <remove-session-variable variable Name="Nameof Session Variableto Remove" doc:name="Session Variable"/> In many cases, messages travel across multiple flows, applications and even servers.In such cases, it can be useful to attach some kind of metadata to a message so as to track it from its origin to its final destination across all systems.I shall also be blogging about other possible use cases later this week. But what if we want to set these variables from a dashboard prompt.In order to do this, lets create a simple dashboard prompt on any column and lets make it to set a presentation variable named Test Now go back to the report that we created above and navigate to Advanced Tab.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.You would notice that the Session Variable Value changes based on the value that was entered in the dashboard prompt.This is again very useful for making update calls from the presentation layer to the BI Server.This means that if you make use of an element that makes copies of the message – such as an async scope or a scatter gather component – changes in flow variables won’t be persisted in between these replicated messages, even though they started as one.Specify the name for the session variable that you are creating, or identify the name of the session variable that you are removing.

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All key/values set as an object will have the same type of scoping (persistent/auth/temporary).