Avril and chad kroeger dating

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Avril and chad kroeger dating

Lavigne's return to the Junos comes after revealing her battle with Lyme disease last year, which left her bedridden for five months.

On the red carpet, she said with Chad's support she's taking baby steps to get back in the swing of things. "And so it's nice to be able to do things like come to the Junos and ease my way back into it. And the support of my family this past year, and just to be getting my life back really." This isn't the first time since their split that the former couple have stepped out publicly.

They actually started dating about three years ago.

The marriage forced onto us some of the worst music known to man, including Avril's painful cover of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me," their painful power ballad (which at the time we thought was the first sign of the apocalypse) and a music video so bad, that they didn't even want you to see it. Avril took to her Instagram to announce the separation: It is with heavy heart that Chad and I announce our separation today.

Through not only the marriage, but the music as well, we've created many unforgettable moments.

The couple married in the south of France on Canada Day in 2013. Kroeger co-wrote eight of the thirteen tracks on Avril Lavigne and also appeared as a featured artist on the album's third single, "Let Me Go".

Kroeger worked with Avril Lavigne on the majority of her fifth self-titled studio album.

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"I came with Chad because Nickelback got nominated," she said.

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