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This is for me.' I’m not choosing a man for anyone else. I couldn’t get caught up in picking a certain man to please a certain community." With just six men left, hometown dates are around the corner, when the Bachelorette or Bachelor flies home to meet the families of the final four candidates.Viewers will likely watch more discussions of race unfold onscreen, as she also stressed how important it was for her to bring up those conversations once she was going to walk into someone’s home or vice versa.About keeping the controversial contestant on for six episodes, and watching him pick fights with several black contestants, Lindsay took to Twitter to say: "I may not see everything and I may do things on my own time..I keep my grass cut low so the snakes will show." Earlier this season, Lindsay's stress from the drama in the house, coupled with the pressure of being the first black Bachelorette, led to a tearful breakdown.

She offered this tease about him: He is "confident, direct, self-aware, [has] a sense of humor, great smile, knows what he wants as far as the same things that I want — a marriage and a family.

of his longtime friendship with girlfriend Ellie Woods. “Oh my gosh, I don’t know how I could be with anybody else,” the pro gushes to Fisher echoes her sentiment: “Dating is hard in general, especially in places like L. It’s a real blessing.” It was that grounded mentality that helped the dancing partners connect this season.

That’s home base.” Cusick was her high school sweetheart, so they’ve know each other way before she was a frontrunner on the ABC reality competition series. To be able to be with somebody that knows you for you and loves you for you…” “And knows, the real you, for a long time, knows your life…” Arnold chimes in, with Fisher adding, “Can hold you accountable, you guys can have memories that go back together.

"I just needed to know his thought process and realize that not everybody might be as accepting of our relationship as we are," Lindsay had explained.

"I needed to know if they were strong enough to handle that and how they thought about it or if they thought about it." star Nick Viall home to Dallas, Texas to meet the Lindsay family.

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"' I typically date white girls,'" quoted mansion, Dean Unglert, a 26-year-old white contestant, questioned the importance of talking about their dating history at all with their hopeful fiancee. said he has "never really" dated a black woman before. So because she's black and he's black, I think it's important." On the episode that aired Monday, Bigger initially questioned if Lindsay was attracted to "brothers," noting that only one black man had been asked out on a one-on-one date.

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